Saturday, May 17, 2008

Family Fun Time

We have been having some very warm, summer-like weather and decided that a little family adventure was in order.  The Incredible Digit Husband suggested that we have lunch at BlueFin Sushi near Portland State Univ. in downtown PDX.  This a "conveyor" style sushi restaurant and Saturdays are always a good day to go there since all plates are only $1.50 the whole day.  They have a great selection and the service there has been very good every time we've been.  

After lunch we headed to the playground down the block.   We got some great pics of the Incredible Digit Girl

the Incredible Digit Boy
of both of the munchkins (one of whom was doing a Gene Simmons impression)
and with their Incredible Dad.

After the park, we stopped by Otto's to pick up some German/Euro style sausages (bratwurst/british bangers/danish medisterpolse) for grilling at home.  (Did I mention that my husband was born in Wisconsin?) It was our first time there and we were really impressed by their selection.  They also have a sandwich counter that was turning out some mighty appetizing food.  The big plus:  I noticed that a bowl of ice was provided for a couple's bottle of white wine while they ate their food.  Gotta love that.   

Now by the time we got home it was time for naps all around.  We girls, though, could not sleep.  So I did what I've been saying (complaining) that I'm going to do for quite some time. 

I cut the Incredible Digit Girl's hair.  

It needed to be done but I just couldn't bring myself to do it. Her hair goes all the way down her back. 
But I bit the bullet and separated her hair into two sections and measured to make sure it was long enough for donation. 
Then I hyperventilated a little bit and............cut both sections!  No more long hair and some uneven short ends. 
I took my time and really made sure I was even on each side as I was cutting.  It helps that my Mom is a hair stylist from way back.  I must have picked up some skill through osmosis.  Once all the trimming was done, this is how my very patient daughter looked.

She is very happy with the results (thankfully!!) and I am pleased that I didn't make any glaring mistakes.  Even the back came out okay.  

While I am looking forward to not having to comb out tangles and knots, I do miss the long hair a little bit.  I think really, though, I'm just a little overwhelmed by how grown up she looks all of the sudden.  Wasn't she just born?!