Monday, September 14, 2009

No More......... wheels on her bike. The Incredible Digit Girl decided that she had just about enough of leaning to one side and wanted to try riding without the extra "help". She took to two-wheeling just fine and we can hardly keep her off her bike.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

First and Five

As in First Grade......

......and Five Years Old!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

I'm blaming Facebook.........

.....for the utter dearth of entries here from the Digit household. Yes, it's true. I most certainly drank the Facebook kool-aid and have been posting regularly in the land of near instant gratification. All kidding aside, I am seriously overdue for even just a few words here.

The summer has been treating us well and the kids have definitely been having a great time. I have been pretty busy, too. I've worked several knitting/fiber related shows including, Sock Summit, the most recent (and largest). I'm probably the only person who has waited this long to post their pics/write about attending. As always, I worked for the fabulous Morgaine at Carolina Homespun and helped out at Stitchjones for the wonderful Sharon. I didn't take many pictures but Morgaine is below in the long gold-toned coat and her lovely wife Lann is at the checkout/register. They are such awesome people.

Next is another angle of the very large Carolina Homespun booth. The yarn on the closest corner is Curious Creek fibers. Christine of Curious Creek does a great job of dyeing and has some of my favorite shades in tone-on-tone colorways.
I was also luck enough to meet and work with the lovely Jen of Spirit Trails Fibers. She is just a sweetheart and dyes fiber and yarn in the most amazing colors. Honestly, her product just glows.
Next is the wonderful Sharon (center) of Stitchjones along with two of our knitting group buds - Angela and the elusive Kerin, who we don't see as often as we would all like.
I then stopped by the Abstract Fiber booth to say hello to Susan. I had knit a sock sample in one of Cindy's newest patterns, Come Sail Away, using Susan's sock yarn in the merino/tencel blend so I wanted to come take a look.
I also volunteered at the Sock Museum at Sock Summit which I enjoyed. I liked the historical items the most. The picture below is of two pairs of Civil War style socks - North and South right next to each other. Chris Lanning the person who put the whole museum together explained that the soldiers didn't have uniforms in the way we would think of them today. They had certain guidelines for color and garment style that they had to follow and provide what they could.
I didn't buy much as I was working a lot at the show but the skein below just about jumped off it's display and came home with me. It's from Royal Hare yarns and the colors just make me happy every time I look at then.

And I couldn't pass up the Elemental Affects Shetland yarn dyed by Judith MacKenzie McCuin. It's going to be perfect for a pair of multi-color mittens.

Oregon Flock & Fiber is coming up near the end of September. I attended my first last year and loved it. Can't wait to go this year. I'll have a few items for sale. More on that later.

The biggest change in my schedule has been my new part-time job at All About Yarn - a great yarn shop in Tigard, Oregon. The owner and my co-workers are a great group of people and I'm really enjoying my time at the shop. I'm there on Tuesdays and Fridays so if you're in the area and in need of some yarn (who isn't?!) stop by and say hello.