Saturday, February 14, 2009

Friday, February 6, 2009

Weather Report......

......courtesy of the Incredible Digit Girl. I couldn't help myself.  I thought it was quite poetic for a six-year-old.  I'm her mom...I get to brag.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Thirty Lashes With Some Wet Handspun

Oy, has it been too long since I posted here and I definitely have some info to share.  

Let's see.....fiber first.  There are a few exciting things coming down the pike for me.  I have two, count 'em two, patterns to be included in the upcoming catalog for KnitPicks!   I can't wait to share all the details.  Just a few more weeks.  

I also have a few new patterns for Stitchjones.  The lovely Sharon has been traveling far and wide to get her fabulous yarn into more shops in the Northwest and beyond.  I have been adding a pattern here and there using both her worsted and sock weight yarns.  So far, in the Dyepot Worsted there is the "Sunset Highway Scarf"

and the soon-to-be-released "Lefty Lucy, Righty Tidy Scarf" which gives the option of tilting the pattern in one of two directions (I'll get pics up soon).   There is also a lace scarf in the works that will be made using the amazing Glam Sock yarn that Sharon makes in such lovely colors.   There will also be some errata forthcoming on the Little Feet sock kits.  I was in such a hurry to get these to Sharon that I missed a few things that need to be corrected.  My apologies!  

There is also a neckwarmer pattern of mine that is available through Abstract Fiber.  Susan, of Abstract Fiber, has included my Lace Slip Neckwarmer in bookmark form for handouts at various fiber/knitting shows.  I spun up a small sample amount of her fiber in the very pretty "Sea Turtle" colorway and had enough for a project.  Luckily for me, Susan liked it enough to include with her handouts!   Here's a pic with giggly model, Rachel.  

In December, Tammy invited me to join the Ravelry group, "The Twelve Days of Spinning".  With everyone's schedule being busy during the actual holidays, though, we didn't start until the 6th of January.  There were a few different categories but I chose the "Spin from Your Stash" option 'cause we all know I've got plenty of fiber stashed in my house.  I only got six completed but I'm very happy with the results.  Starting from the top here is: 

Abstract Fiber Superwash BFL in "Shady Glade" 

Come In Spinner 100% Aussie Merino in Cairns.  I cannot express adequately how soft this is!!

This little sparkly is a hand blended mix of Pink Merino, Wine and Purple Bamboo and coordinating Firestar.  I purchased all of the contents at Northwest Wools.

Crown Mountain Farms 50% Tussah Silk/50% Baby Camel in Natural Ivory/Beige.   Very shiny and soft. 
Crown Mountain Farms Baby Huacaya in Natural Dark Brown (undyed).

Woodland Woolworks blend of Teal Corriedale Wool and Brown Alpaca fiber. 
And last, but not least, a partial quantity of Stitchjones Merino in the Earth Angel colorway. 

I have it spun up but need to take pictures.  You can't see it in the photo but there's a very pretty pale blue that just glows in the finished yarn.  Oh, where the heck is my camera?!

And, as you have already noticed, there is music on my blog.  I saw/heard music on both Angela and Sharon's blogs and couldn't get to the site fast enough.  By all means, turn it off if it's not your cup of tea :-).   Otherwise, rock out a little while your looking at all the yarn-y goodness.