Thursday, October 25, 2007

A Milestone Birthday

The Incredible Digit Girl recently had a birthday. She is now five years old. FIVE!! Yes, it's a cliche to say but where did five years go? Seriously, I was just at the hospital giving birth, wasn't I ? When her Dad and I talk about the day she was born we always think about how open and curious her eyes were just minutes after being born. Then we remember how sunny and beautiful it was that day - like the sun was shining just for her.

Here she is, just a few days old

and now.

Smart as a whip and a beauty inside and out. I'm trying not to think about how quickly the next five years will go by.

Saturday, October 13, 2007


The talented ArteCarmelita, my Mom, came to visit recently, too. We had a great time just bumming around Portland but since she had never been to Seattle we decided to make a day trip up north. The weather was ideal and there are plenty of pics to share.

Of course, we had to go to the Space Needle .

She is a big Frasier fan and was definitely disappointed when I explained that the condo tower on the TV show doesn't actually exist in real life. The giant mosaic definitely compensated.

The artwork around the Space Needle is so inspiring. Everywhere you turn there is some sort of sculpture and most are interactive and touchable. The Experience Music Project building was a highlight.

Hard and angular on one side, soft and organic on the other. Somehow the architect made it all work together. Pretty amazing.

No visit to Seattle is complete without a trip to Pike Place Market .

It is such a vibrant place to visit. There are food, flower and goods vendors all around. Including the famous Fish Market where fish are skillfully thrown from one side of the counter to the other. I approached one of the employees for a picture with my Mom and the Incredible Digit Girl and Boy thinking that he would just stand next to my family. As I got out the camera, he reached for a huge fish to pose with and gave a postcard-worthy smile.

Talk about customer service. As you can see from the photo, the Incredible Digit Boy wasn't sure this photo-op was such a good idea.

And as if the Seattle trip wasn't exciting enough, we were gifted with a clear view of the imposing Mount Ranier as we left Puget Sound.

Of Wine and Roses

We were lucky enough to have all the members of the Incredible Digit Husband's immediate family here at our house at the same time. It had been two years since we had all be together and we really enjoyed each other's company. My Mother and Father-in-law, I know, were particularly happy to have all their children in the same place even if it was for just a few days. There was also a group of long-time family friends that were in the area at the same time, as well. We took advantage of their presence to do a little sightseeing here in the Portland area. First stop was the International Rose Test Garden in the hills above downtown Portland. An amazing garden which seemingly has every known rose variety.

The Rose Test Garden is a such a pretty place to stroll and get lost in on a summer afternoon.

Next stop was Pittock Mansion .

A few miles and one hill over from the Rose Garden, this spectacular home was built in the 1800's by a local captain of industry. Now the mansion is amazing but it's the view that is really spectacular.

Not only can you see all of downtown Portland and the surrounding neighborhoods but on a clear day Mount Hood, Mount Adams, Mount St. Helens, and Mount Rainier can all be seen from this location. Now you have to pay a fee to go inside the mansion but wandering the grounds and the view is free!

After the sights and sounds of Portland, we all came back to the Digit home for a meal.

We were happy to share a few of the things we've come to love about the Pacific Northwest: Wild-caught salmon, Willamette Valley Pinot Noir and a late-summer evening on our own deck. Now it is not lost on me that the last line makes me sound like the type of pretentious food and wine snob of whom I would normally make fun but.......that was a great night with great people so I'll take the "snob" hit.

Getting Caught Up

Balance to the universe has been computer has been repaired. Ok, that was a little high-handed but, woo hoo, I can finally get caught up here in the Digit Zone. I have wanted to get more pics of the recent family visits posted and here we go.

In a previous post I mentioned a fishing outing. We had so much fun. Along with the visiting grandparents, we took the Incredible Digit Girl and Boy to a local stocked trout farm up in the hills a few miles down the highway. It's called Hornings Hideout and along with the fishing they have paddle boats, a playground, and even a large bandstand for concerts. The kids had a blast and were very excited by our catch.

Between the four adults and two children we caught five fish.

Of course, the truly fun part was the fish cleaning that had to be done before we went home. Yes, that was sarcasm. Now cleaning fish is not exactly a pleasant experience but I have to say we did enjoy the trout dinner later that night. My mother-in-law and I cooked up a very enjoyable meal and we all agreed that the flavor of a freshly caught fish was much better that store-bought. However, for day-to-day convenience I think I'll stick with the stocked (and alreaday cleaned) seafood section of my local Fred Meyer .

Saturday, October 6, 2007

The Downside to Technology

How much do I love my computer? Quite a bit actually. I love that I can access all the great photos of my children and family, stay in contact with family and friends, listen to my favorite music, read about world events (okay, let's be real - celebrity gossip), find patterns/read blogs/write patterns for knitting/crocheting/beading....I could go on and on. But when said computer stops working a sizable chunk of my day-to-day life comes to a huge, messy, screeching halt. Blood on the highway, people. And, yes, the realization does come and I'm shocked by how much I have come to rely on my box of circuits for a substantial amount of information and functions. Even the Incredible Digit Girl is bemoaning her lack of time on the PBS Kids and Holly Hobby websites. Of course, the Incredible Digit Boy joins the fray in child-like solidarity.

So now, we await the call from the kind people at the Apple store the way family members await news from a doctor about a loved ones surgery. Did it go well? Will there be any lasting side effects? Will I be able to find out which young Hollywood starlet will be going to rehab next? I suppose while I'm waiting I could do something productive like read a book, finish dyeing my next batch of yarn, organize my beading work area for the holiday inventory I need to finish. Or....maybe I'll just spend some time with my husband and play with my kids.