Saturday, October 13, 2007


The talented ArteCarmelita, my Mom, came to visit recently, too. We had a great time just bumming around Portland but since she had never been to Seattle we decided to make a day trip up north. The weather was ideal and there are plenty of pics to share.

Of course, we had to go to the Space Needle .

She is a big Frasier fan and was definitely disappointed when I explained that the condo tower on the TV show doesn't actually exist in real life. The giant mosaic definitely compensated.

The artwork around the Space Needle is so inspiring. Everywhere you turn there is some sort of sculpture and most are interactive and touchable. The Experience Music Project building was a highlight.

Hard and angular on one side, soft and organic on the other. Somehow the architect made it all work together. Pretty amazing.

No visit to Seattle is complete without a trip to Pike Place Market .

It is such a vibrant place to visit. There are food, flower and goods vendors all around. Including the famous Fish Market where fish are skillfully thrown from one side of the counter to the other. I approached one of the employees for a picture with my Mom and the Incredible Digit Girl and Boy thinking that he would just stand next to my family. As I got out the camera, he reached for a huge fish to pose with and gave a postcard-worthy smile.

Talk about customer service. As you can see from the photo, the Incredible Digit Boy wasn't sure this photo-op was such a good idea.

And as if the Seattle trip wasn't exciting enough, we were gifted with a clear view of the imposing Mount Ranier as we left Puget Sound.

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