Saturday, October 6, 2007

The Downside to Technology

How much do I love my computer? Quite a bit actually. I love that I can access all the great photos of my children and family, stay in contact with family and friends, listen to my favorite music, read about world events (okay, let's be real - celebrity gossip), find patterns/read blogs/write patterns for knitting/crocheting/beading....I could go on and on. But when said computer stops working a sizable chunk of my day-to-day life comes to a huge, messy, screeching halt. Blood on the highway, people. And, yes, the realization does come and I'm shocked by how much I have come to rely on my box of circuits for a substantial amount of information and functions. Even the Incredible Digit Girl is bemoaning her lack of time on the PBS Kids and Holly Hobby websites. Of course, the Incredible Digit Boy joins the fray in child-like solidarity.

So now, we await the call from the kind people at the Apple store the way family members await news from a doctor about a loved ones surgery. Did it go well? Will there be any lasting side effects? Will I be able to find out which young Hollywood starlet will be going to rehab next? I suppose while I'm waiting I could do something productive like read a book, finish dyeing my next batch of yarn, organize my beading work area for the holiday inventory I need to finish. Or....maybe I'll just spend some time with my husband and play with my kids.

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Barbara Rae Robinson said...

You're so right. The downside is when the devices we depend on let us down. And it happens too often.