Monday, July 6, 2009

How To Make A Spinner Cry

This mess of a ball is what I was trying to finish this morning. I was plying a single merino/tencel strand that I had wound into a center pull ball. Well, the outside strand of the ball had been winding sort of funny but I thought it was still okay to work with ......... WRONG!! After plying for only a few minutes the outside strand starting unwinding in big chunks and before I could stop the whole mess was hopelessly wound together. I made the fool-hardy attempt to somehow start pulling it apart. After this literally brought me to tears, I gave up and threw the whole thing in the trash. I wouldn't normally classify myself as the weepy type....but this morning was definitely the exception.

I was very disappointed by losing so much effort but then I reminded myself that I have six ounces of this fiber left. Plenty to work with. I'm taking a little time out from the wheel, though.