Monday, October 7, 2013

A Four Hour Vacation

After lots of rainy weather, there was a miraculously sunny weekend here in Northwest Oregon!  I had what I thought was the great idea of a family outing at the Pumpkin Patch on Sauvie Island.  However, once we got there.....ugh!  The crowds, the lack of parking and the long waits inspired the Incredible Digit Husband to suggest that we skip the pumpkins altogether and drive further down the road.  With a parking permit and some food and drink in hand, we made our way to the beach - the river beach, that is! 

There's not normally these type of waves on the river but thanks to a variety of boats and ships passing by the kids got to play in the waves quite a bit.  They loved it!


Honestly, the whole time we were there was like being on vacation.  There were hardly any people there so we did feel like we had the whole beach to ourselves.  Except for..............

The Mermaid and..........

 The Sea Serpent!

 It was a great way to wrap up the weekend especially since we woke up to rain this morning.  If the weather newscasters are to be believed there is a little more sun to enjoy next weekend.  Let's hope they're right!