Saturday, October 13, 2007

Getting Caught Up

Balance to the universe has been computer has been repaired. Ok, that was a little high-handed but, woo hoo, I can finally get caught up here in the Digit Zone. I have wanted to get more pics of the recent family visits posted and here we go.

In a previous post I mentioned a fishing outing. We had so much fun. Along with the visiting grandparents, we took the Incredible Digit Girl and Boy to a local stocked trout farm up in the hills a few miles down the highway. It's called Hornings Hideout and along with the fishing they have paddle boats, a playground, and even a large bandstand for concerts. The kids had a blast and were very excited by our catch.

Between the four adults and two children we caught five fish.

Of course, the truly fun part was the fish cleaning that had to be done before we went home. Yes, that was sarcasm. Now cleaning fish is not exactly a pleasant experience but I have to say we did enjoy the trout dinner later that night. My mother-in-law and I cooked up a very enjoyable meal and we all agreed that the flavor of a freshly caught fish was much better that store-bought. However, for day-to-day convenience I think I'll stick with the stocked (and alreaday cleaned) seafood section of my local Fred Meyer .

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