Friday, January 25, 2008

Please Stand By

We have been experiencing technical difficulties.  For a few weeks now we have had trouble downloading photos from our camera.  Luckily, the Incredible Digit Husband got it working last night.  So on with the show. 

I have been very lucky.  I say this because the knitting group which I have joined, PDX Knit Bloggers, is filled with wonderfully creative and smart people.  Once a week I get to sit with this group and soak up their creativity, vibes, brainwaves (whatever you want to call it) through osmosis.  So again I consider myself lucky in getting to participate with this group in the PDX Yarn Crawl organized for a large group (35!) Seattle knitters.  
Not only did this group come to check out our local yarn stores, but their fearless leader Charissa arranged for discounts at said yarn stores for all who participated in the crawl.  We started out at Dublin Bay Knitting Co. ( where I found these buttons and this lovely yarn (on sale!). Our next stop was Knit Knot Studio (  This shop is a little on the small size and by chance a few of the small groups wound up here at the same time....totally overwhelming the space.  The owners couldn't have been nicer, though, and everyone was so high on yarn fumes that no one minded waiting. While waiting, I fell in love with the Rayon Metallic yarn from Blue Heron Yarns ( It's the center yarn in the pic below.  
Trust me when I say that this photo does not do this yarn justice. 

Our next stop was Knit-Purl (  I love going to this shop.  The people are always so helpful and, more importantly, fun!  There is the lovely and talented Theresa (who I hope wouldn't mind being sideways at the moment...gotta fix this). 
Plus a whole lot of amazing yarn!  They recently received a shipment of Kauni yarn in many different color combinations - all beautiful.
I narrowed down my choices and bought a skein of Malabrigo Chunky in blue and one of Shibui Knits DK Alpaca in a medium green shade called Wasabi.  Appropriate since sushi is one of my favorite foods and I really needed a second skein for the scarf I'm currently knitting.  Also included is the free(!) skein of Shibui Knits Sock Yarn that I received just for being a member of the yarn crawl.  

For a knitter to come to Portland and not visit Knit-Purl would be a mistake.  The window displays alone are enough to get you into the shop. 

Then, having shopped 'til we dropped, the PDX Knit Bloggers hit Starbucks for a little refreshment.  From left to right, with their blog identities, are Judy (, Bobbie (, yours truly, Duffy (, Melissa the hidden one ( and Angela (  

So with plenty of yarn in my bag and caffeine in my system, I made my way home with plenty of ideas for a new project.  There's just silly little problem of finishing the other projects that I have going all at the same time.  


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