Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Nothing in Particular

I'm nursing a little bit of a cold and am not in the most creative of moods. I blame the extremely crappy weather we are experiencing here in the Pacific Northwest. I was watching a newscast last night that described this month as June-uary. We're definitely more winter than summer right now.

So, since I'm lazy, here's a few recent pics from the Digit household.

The Incredible Digit children standing proudly in front of their Nana's artwork hung in her own home.  
Group photos from our visit with family in San Diego.  One of my husbands lovely cousins, Carla, graduated Summa Cum Laude from SDSU with a degree in Nursing.  We are all very proud of her.  
Another group photo of the more immediate family...us with my husband's parents and brothers.  It really is so nice when we can all be in the same town if only for a few days.  
Following the family visit, the Incredible Digit Husband travelled to Yokohama Bay, Japan for work.  It was a very short 48 hour stay, but his hosts there did take him out for a bit of sightseeing.  This beautiful statue is one of the most impressive of the sites that he visited.  
It is the Great Buddha of Kamakura.  According to Japan-Guide.Com:

"The Great Buddha of Kamakura is a bronze statue of Amida Buddha this is located on the grounds of the Kotokuin Temple.  With a height of 13.35 meters, it is the second largest Buddha statue in Japan." 

The site goes on to explain that though the statue was originally housed inside a large temple, a tsunami tidal wave in the 15th century destroyed the building and the Buddha has stood in the open ever since. 
While I did miss him during his trip, I wish that he had been able to stay another day or two and explore the area a little more.  Oh well, we'll just all have to go as a family one day in the future.  

On the knitting front, several of the projects I'm working on cannot be discussed in this forum yet.  I was lucky enough to get pattern for the Malabrigo Slippers by CoCoKnits.  They are adorable house slippers that can be customized with different accessories on the front.....including a separate panel made to look like penny loafers which can hold an actual penny.  Too cute.  I have some Izu yarn by Shibui Knits that I'm going to use.  I'm also going to check out the stock at Stitchjones yarn for some additional combinations.  

But now I'm going to relax on the couch, drink the tea that my wonderful husband made for me and, most likely, doze off for a bit.  Cheers!

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