Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Tag, I'm It

I recently got tagged for a meme by the lovely Sharon of Stitchjones so here is all the pertinent info. 

1)  What was I doing 10 years ago?
I was living in Tujunga, CA, working as a full-time temp for the Kaiser Permanente Sales Dept, taking a Two-Dimensional Design class at Pasadena City College, and participating in the Without Alarm II Art Exhibit which was held in the empty Los Angeles City Jail (also used for a myriad of TV shows and movies).   Oh, and not to be left out:  nursing my poor little Jack Russell Terrier back to health after being attacked quite badly by another neighborhood dog.  All while the Incredible Digit Husband (then boyfriend) and I were getting ready for our imminent move to Oregon.  

2)  What are five things on my to-do list today?  (no particular order)
1.  Pick up a classmate of the Incredible Digit Boy and take both to their preschool class. 
2.  Look for a coffee table for the living room. 
3.  Make and drink very strong coffee.
4.  Shower - because my hair looks like a Nick Nolte mug shot.
5.  Say a prayer for a dear friends grandmother who has been diagnosed with uterine cancer (join me if you like).

3)  Snacks I enjoy?
Punschrullar - a Swedish Apricot Marzipan confection available at your local Ikea
Pan Dulce - Mexican sweet bread available at Su Casa Imports or Grande Foods both in Hillsboro
Any kind of dark chocolate but especially with an orange flavor added
Any kind of cake - I'm not choosy

4)  Things I would do if I was a billionaire?
Buy a house for my mom so she could stop renting.  
Set up college funds for my niece and four nephews.  
Donate large sums of money to art programs for homeless/low income children and teens.
Buy and customize a large studio/workroom for all my craft stuff.  It would by my office :-).

5)  Five places that I have lived (besides Oregon)?
Exeter, New Hampshire; Yuma, Arizona; Paramount, California; Eagle Rock, California; Long Beach, California.

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Sharon said...

Thank you for playing! Now I know a little bit more about you.