Monday, September 13, 2010

September Is Not Even Halfway Thru.....

.....and we've already gotten quite a few things done!

To start September off, we took a trip down to San Francisco to visit with family and celebrate a wedding. We had such a great time.

And both the kids proved that, unlike their parents, they are excellent dancers!

We got home on Labor Day and then got down to business prepping for the first day of school. And it was a biggie since both the Incredible Digit Girl AND Boy would be getting on the bus the next day.

(Big Sis kindly explained the Kindergarten jacket/backpack area for her brother)

They're both enjoying their new classrooms and getting used to the routine. It's all old hat to Digit Girl but for Digit Boy it's all new. He really impressed us by memorizing his six digit lunch payment code in just a few days.....and in time for him to get hot lunch in the cafeteria on Friday.

In addition, the first day of school also brought our Digit Boy's 6th birthday!

For a little extra fun, his dad got the trick candles so the kids just kept blowing and blowing and laughing and laughing!

(and, no, there isn't really something coming out of his nose......I don't think so, anyway)

Luckily, for the Incredible Digit Husband, the plant maintenance shut-down coincided with the first week of school. So not only did he get to be present for all the "firsts", he and I actually got to have a "fancy" lunch at a restaurant downtown. Yippee!

And to top the week off, I went with a great group of people and participated in the Warrior Dash - Northwest. And, yes, as their website states, it was one of the "craziest, frickin' days of my life".

Basically, it's three miles of hills and valleys with an obstacle course. The race completely kicked my butt and it was totally worth it. I definitely didn't set any time records: I was actually the last time in my age group. However, in the overall category there were about fifty people behind me. Considering I did very little (no) training and fell off one of the obstacles (my hip and knee are still a little tender), I feel pretty good about just finishing. The Incredible Digit Boy and Girl were pretty impressed by my layer of mud

(did I mention the mud pit with barbed wire to crawl through?)

but only the Digit Girl was asking when she could participate. Luckily, the age limit is fourteen and older so I have several years to be in good enough shape to keep up with her.

(Thanks to M & M for the Warrior Dash pics!)

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