Friday, July 27, 2007

Cotton Candy & Farm Animals

If you haven't guessed from that title, we're going to the Washington County Fair today. Since it's a pre-school field trip, the Incredible Digit Girl and Digit Boy will it enjoy it even more with all their friends to share the fun. If truth be told, I enjoy it just as much (if not more) than my children.

In a more creative vein, the multi-colored sweater vest is done (see "weekend" post below). Once it is gifted, I'll be able to give the soon-to-be Mom this blog address. I've started a lace shawl with the Muted Berry yarn I dyed with Kool-Aid. It took a while to choose a pattern so we'll see how it goes. And Jewelry Mania will begin soon. I've got to start getting my inventory ready for the holiday season. Plus, I've got an idea for a jewelry/hand-dyed yarn combo that I think might be a good seller. I'll keep you posted!

Washington County Fair

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