Monday, July 30, 2007

Mellow Monday

Generally, Mondays are a little manic. I'm happy to say that today has been a nice, casual day. Took the Incredible Digit Girl to school, took the Incredible Digit Boy and Digit Dog to the park, picked up Digit Girl and, thankfully, went home to do nothing in particular. A nice change of pace to be sure.
Also nice, the Hand-Dyed Shawl that I'm making with the Muted Berry Lacewight (KnitPicks) yarn. It took a while to find the right pattern....which meant I frogged it a few times, unfortunately. The winning design? The Isobel Scarf by Cider Moon. I tripled the width to make it a nice, comforting shawl. It's got a great drape already and the 100% merino wool means warmth without weight. Can't wait 'til it's done.
Last but not least, an updated pic from last Friday's school field trip. Gotta love the County Fair!

Isobel Scarf by Cider Moon

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