Wednesday, October 15, 2008

The Birthday Girl

Our smart little cookie is now six years old!

Her Dad and I are so proud of her.   She's such a talented kid.  She's been doing so well in school and, most important, really enjoying her class time.   We're so happy that she loves to read.  If I can't find her, she's usually sitting in a comfy corner somewhere in the house or in the back yard reading a book.  The Magic Tree House series is her absolute favorite.  

All proud parent bragging aside, she really lives up to her blog name:  

The Incredible Digit Girl!


msubulldog said...

Aaron loves the Magic Treehouse books, too! Happy Birthday, Incredible Digit Girl! :)

pdxknitterati said...

Happy birthday, Incredible One!

Sharon said...

Wow! Awesome looking birthday cake. Happy 6th birthday, sweet girl!