Sunday, October 12, 2008

What The Heck Has She Been Doing?!

Making a baby quilt for a cousin in San Diego.

Building a pond in the backyard of the aforementioned ranch.  Still needs to be painted.

Walking to the school bus stop.

Taking my children to Karate class with Sensei Marilyn.

Enjoying the joint birthday party of the Incredible Digit Children at the Portland Children's Museum.  We couldn't keep them out of the water room.

No, I did not make this cake.  
The talented baker at the Fred Meyer Bakery made this cake.......and it was goooood! 

Spinning with my fellow PDX Knit Bloggers at the Oregon Flock & Fiber Festival. 

Brought the Incredible Digit Children the next day to check out all the furry & woolly creatures.
They liked the Jacob sheep with their four horns instead of two.  Although the Incredible Digit Boy looks pretty ambivalent about the whole scene in the picture, he really did have fun.

Enjoying a little "Glow In The Dark" Bowling at a children's birthday party.  Believe it or not that picture was taken at roughly 4:00pm.  Seems like it should be 10:00pm. 

and, finally, watching my children climb trees in our backyard.  If I focus on taking the picture, literally and figuratively, then I don't focus on wondering if they're going to fall.  Nobody fell.

And that is what the heck I've been doing all this time. :-)

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msubulldog said...

Fun, fun, and more fun! :)