Monday, October 27, 2008

Little Feet

I have not posted much knitting progress lately.  Mostly because just about all the projects I'm working on are of the "super secret" variety and I cannot share any info as of yet.  Once I can, though, there will be some nifty stuff to see.  Take my word for it.  

There is, however, a particular project that I have not mentioned.  I am lucky enough to collaborate with the amazing Sharon of Stitchjones.  She of the dazzling handpainted yarn and fiber.   We worked together recently on a new product she is offering:  The Little Feet Kids Sock Kit.   

Sharon has created a series of fun colorways for little people (my daughter has already chosen her favorite).  My contribution?  Four fun sock patterns to mix and match for girls or boys.  Click on the links to check them out:  Bows & Arrows and Chutes & Ladders.   

These are fun and fast projects that will keep little feet and toes toasty warm.  And, most importantly, will take a ride in the washing machine thanks to the Superwash sock yarn.  So, if you'd like to surprise a little one or a knitting friend, keep these kits in mind.

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